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If you don't find the answer to your question on this page, please contact our customer happiness gal, ciarra. she sweet and cute as can be.... she will help you out!



HELP!! I CANT DECIDE WHICH MATERIAL TO ORDER MY DROP ON! well, here are the differences, pros and cons for you. They are all excellent quality, and ***completely glare free****, so you cant go wrong!



Poly paper is a great, inexpensive option! The poly is gorgeously vibrant.  It has a coating on the back, which makes it tough to tear. It is lightweight and needs to be stored rolled up. To hang, you can use clamps or just pin it to a wall or a frame. The poly paper is shipped in a tube, is NOT WASHABLE, and is not intended for use as a floor. 

*biggest pro: these are the least expensive, and will do a beautiful job for you!

*biggest con: they are a bit delicate and will crease if you dont take good care of them between sessions



ooooo our new "Dream Weave" is the dreamiest!  what is it: dream weave is a woven fabric, that's strong and prints like a dream! its almost like the material of a woven, recycled bag.  it rocks.

when using, you do need to make sure not to crease it, just like our canvas and poly paper.  it is nice and durable and not nearly as fragile as the poly paper. you will absolutely love this stuff. the dream weave fabric is not washable, so please dont try to wipe it or use it for cake smashes. you can use it on the floor, but it will slide around. to hang, you can clamp or pin. please roll up for storage/ 

*biggest pro:  it is near the same price point as our poly paper, but much more durable.  

*biggest con: umm...... 




Canvas is another vibrant, sturdy, and durable option.  It is a wonderful choice for those on the go.  it is more durable and not so delicate.  To hang, you can use clamps, or pin it.  The canvas is shipped in a tube and is NOT washable either. You can use it on the floor and it will do a great job for you! i love this material the most for printing.

*biggest pro: it has that old school feel to it and hangs like a dream. (nice, flat and smooth) its sturdy and will last for years and years if taken care of

biggest con: they are a bit heavier, so if you need them for on location sessions, they might be a bit heavy for you to carry far distances



Our mat floors are awesome. they are a little more sturdy and can handle being placed upon shorter carpet. what i like the most about them, is that they lay absolutely flat. they are also skidproof and washable, which is perfect for the babies! you can spot clean them or wash them with mild soap and hose them off. they have a rubber backing and a fabric top that does not wrinkle or bunch up. the print is perfect on them! if they smell on arrival, no worries. this is just from the print and rubber backing. just air them out a bit, and it will go away.

these must be rolled up for storage, and can stand on their end when you are finished using them.  you can use these for cake smashes... but i would try to clean it off asap so that the food coloring does not set into the material.

*biggest pro: everything about them. lol

*biggest con: when you get the floor, there may be some remnants of black rubber pieces.. but all that you have to do is sweep it off




This is a polyester, wrinkle resistant fabric that can be tossed aside and hung up easily. It is not only extremely durable, but it prints beautifully!! the fabric is almost a soft fleece, but has a bit of stretch to it, so you can easily clamp your drop. the stretch also helps with any wrinkle release from shipping. 

The fabric can be spot cleaned, or you can put it into the washer on delicate for large messes.  please do not put into the dryer on medium or high heat.  you may put it into the dryer on air fluff for a few minutes, but we do not recommend any more than that. there may be initial fold wrinkles from shipping, but all that you have to do is hang it, stretch it or weight it at the bottom for a bit, and they will fall right out for you!

*biggest pro: you can toss these aside or take them anywhere and they are ready to go when you are. they are SO easy to use. you will love them.

biggest con: on some designs, the color is not as deep or vibrant as the poly, dream weave and canvas. not by alot, AT ALL... but if you are a color freak like me, you might notice. if you fold your drops for storage and let them sit for a while, or lay something heavy on them, they will get some fold wrinkles. they will come out, but it wont be ready to go right away...you will need to toss it into the dryer on low for a min, or clamp and let it hang for a bit.



This option is a little higher maintenance, but they will last you a lifetime! I handpaint these drops on a heavy weight natural muslin. They will have fold wrinkles when shipped, but you can use a hand steamer, or spray them down real well with water to get the wrinkles out. The water will not hurt the painting!

Once you have that taken care of, I suggest storing them rolled up around an old carpet tube or something similar.  It will keep the wrinkles at bay. some people dont mind steaming them before use and store them folded up on a shelf.  This will not hurt them or damage the paint.  

You can hang these with clamps, or pin them. Spot clean them with a mild soap and a sponge. 
*biggest pro: these are one of a kind and a true piece of art

*biggest con: the wait time to get one will depend on how busy i am... and it will probably be a few months.


When I look at the size of the background, is the first number the width or the height?

***PLEASE NOTE*** : The first number is the width and the second is the height. Most of our drops are horizontal, but we do have a few that are vertical.


Can I get a horizontal printed as a vertical? 

Yes, you can! just contact us immediately when ordering, and please make a note when you are going through checkout. some designs may need to be specially cropped to make this adjustment.


I received my large fabric drop and there is a pole sleeve on the wrong side... why?

unfortunately, the fabric for our backdrops comes sewn with a pole pocket on the short side. because our backdrops are horizontally oriented (except for the few that arent), the pocket will be on the wrong end. there isnt much that we can do about this.  most people just use clamps instead of the pole pocket and that works well. if you definately need the pole pocket on top, then we can crop the design to be a vertical orientation...just make a note on your order when checking out, or contact us.  

What size is best for newborns?

The 60x44 poly/canvas or the 50x60 fabrics are perfect for the newborns. You don't need anymore room than that, and it keeps expense down. If you need a floor, pair it with our mat floor: 5x4 or a 60x60 fuzzy rug or 3x5 flokati rug, they are all great!


What size is best for toddlers?

If you need a background for a newborn and one toddler, then a small size should be good. When getting into the toddlers and smaller children, most go with a 60x60 or 76x60 poly size, or a 78x56 fabric size, since this gives you a little bit of wiggle room for toddlers on the move.

If you need a floor, the 5x4 mat, 5x5 mat, or the 60x60 fuzzy rug. a 3x5 flokati is a great match too!


What size is best for multiple kiddos?

I would suggest the medium 76x60 poly paper or 78x56 fabric for up to 3 kids. Any more kids than that, you will probably need an 8x8, 10x8, or 10x10 fabric. If you need a floor to go with, I would suggest the 5x8 flokati rug, or the mat floor in the 5x7, 5x10, 8x8 or 10x8 size.


Can I cancel an order after I place it?

No, I'm sorry...each order is printed to order and when we have to go back and cancel something it takes a lot of time/material waste to stop production.  please be sure before ordering! 


Is the color the same on the different options?

All drops will be close, if not exactly, the same color.  if you feel that you have something that was misprinted, please take a good picture of it and email us. 


My drop seems to have writing or marks on it that i didn't think would be there?

Most all of our graphic drops have layers to them... type, script, graph lines, polka dots.... just some texture so that the drops are a little more artful, instead of 'computer perfect'. 


What is the turn around time? (when it ships) 

the turn around time is ON AVERAGE but not a promise:::

1-2 weeks for the printed backgrounds

Stumps are 3 weeks.

All rugs and wraps are 1-2 weeks.

All headbands/banners/necklaces are 2-3 weeks.

All chairs/tubs/beds are 2-3. 

most of our prop items are in stock and can be shipped right away.


Can i rush ship my item?

yes, you definately can! there is a $50 rush fee to receive your backdrop within one week. you will need to make a note when ordering and then contact us through email so that we can keep our eye out for your order and pull it. the $50 will be sent to you as an invoice through paypal. 


Are the backgrounds/floors waterproof?

The poly, dream weave and canvas drops are NOT waterproof and not washable. When printing, the ink it laid on top of the material so if you try to use water on it, the ink will wipe off.

The mat floors ARE WATERPROOF. you can spot clean or scrub them down and then just hose them off.

The fabric drops can be spot cleaned. You can put your fabric drops in the handwash cycle, but you will possibly lose some of the vibrancy after several washes. ( do not dry with high heat at all!)


Speaking of floors, my mat floor arrived and is curling a little on the edges..what should I do? is this normal?

Yes, this can happen with shipping.  All that you have to do is roll it the other way (design side-out) and let it sit for just a bit. It will then be a peach for you.


The mat flooring has arrived and stinks! why?

it is rare, but the print on the mat floors can really be stinky... I promise that it will fade over a couple of days.


Why wont my coupon code work for props and the sale page??


im so sorry, but because the sale page is already so heavily discounted, we cannot except a promotional code  for them. we do not except coupon codes for our prop shop either. they work for all regular priced drops, floor and flokati rugs (except for our black friday sale!! :) 

What is the return policy?

Because we print each background to order, we do NOT accept exchanges/refunds. If your background arrives harmed by shipping, or if you receive the wrong design, we will of course send you a new one! 

if you ordered a prop or anything that is damaged or seems to be the wrong color, our policy is that you have 2 full weeks from the time that it was delivered to you, to contact us and let us know. if it is beyond that time frame, we cannot accept it back. 

We do accept returns if you ordered the wrong size, and would like to exchange it with an additional charge for the shipping.  this needs to be done within 24 hours of receiving your backdrop. and it must not be used at all. 

How many backgrounds can we fit in one tube, to help minimize the cost of shipping?

Poly paper and dream weave will fit 7 backgrounds, canvas backgrounds will fit 3 large or 5 small.

Fabric backgrounds come in a box so the number is unlimited!

Hand painted backgrounds also come in a box, so you can fit as many as you would like!


Do you do custom orders/prints?

I sure do..and I love assignments...so YES! :)


**** PLEASE NOTE::::: all of our backdrops and floors are copyrighted under Intuition Backgrounds INC. they may not be duplicated, used in digital backdrops, or copied in any form, without written consent from Intuition Backgrounds Inc. if you decide to do so, legal action will be taken.


NOTE TO YOU:::  it is very important to me that you love every single item that you get from us.... and i am truly grateful for your business. thank you so much!!

xoxo, becky