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Intuition Ambassador: Kelsey Freeman


specializing in maternity and newborn photography


Meet Kelsey Freeman

"Hi there! I'm Kelsey, a 31-year-old photographer in the outskirts of West Georgia. I'm a wife and mommy to 2 amazing little humans, and here's a little about my life.

I didn't grow up dreaming of becoming a photographer - I actually wanted to be a teacher. I spent my high school career preparing to become a teacher and spent every day at the local elementary schools student teaching. So I've always loved kids - they truly brighten up my life. My hubby and I met in high school and thing led to another and we found out we were expecting fresh out of high school. While in college with a baby, I bought a camera for various projects and to capture my quickly growing baby. I found a huge passion for photography that I never knew I had. I loved it so much, I started offering photoshoots on the weekends while still working my 8-5 job and things just took off! I found how much I truly loved photography and with my constant flow of clients, I was able to make a huge leap of quitting my stable job to pursue a career as a photographer.

It was one of the scariest, hardest things I've ever done in my life but I am SO happy I did it. I can't express the joy I feel meeting so many amazing people from all over the world, and the absolute honor of knowing that people travel from all over for me to capture such a special time in their lives. I am eternally grateful to each and every client that I have the pleasure of meeting and working with. Between dance parties with my badass pregnant mamas and snuggles with the sweetest newborn babies you could imagine, I will forever say that I have the most fun job in the world and nobody can tell me otherwise - LOL! My clients bring me so much joy and I would be oh-so honored to capture your memories."

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Images © Kelsey Freeman Photography

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Images © Kelsey Freeman Photography

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