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Intuition Ambassadors: Clay and Dani Souza


specializing in wedding photography



"Raleigh wedding photographer and award-winneing Photos by Clay travels the world documenting its clients' most cherished life moments. This husband an wife duo is known for the charismatic and fun personalities.Originally from brazil, they migrated tot he United States over 20 years ago and have been documenting couples' special days for almost 10 years now.

Clay is a lighting specialist. He's also an educator who teaches other photographers at national=level conferences and has articales published in nationally recognized photography magazines.Dani is the front face of the business. She's the first point of contact, and is also responsible for keep the crazy calendar organized. Dani is also responsible for doing most of the editing for clients.

As a leading Raleigh wedding photographer, we believe in delivering an experience that is more than the mere click of a button. We understand that true satisfaction for our clients stems not just from high-quality images, but from the memories and emotions they evoke. Our expertise goes beyond technical skills; it’s about understanding the unique essence of each moment and translating it into timeless photographs. Whether it’s a wedding, a family portrait, or a corporate event, we bring years of experience and a keen eye for detail to every shoot. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every client leaves not just with photographs, but with cherished memories that they’ll treasure for a lifetime."

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