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About Intuition Backgrounds

Before joining the team, I’ve loved everything about this brand and its people. As CEO, I have one mission: To help grow the company and provide photographers with the tools they need to create incredible portraits in and out of their studio.

Backgrounds provide the literal, and figurative, fabric for photographers to transform any space. Our job is to continue providing the community innovative designs on top quality materials, all at a reasonable price.

I look forward to working with our incredible photographers and seeing all the amazingly unique images you create with our products.

What can I say? I’m truly biased. This company is, and always will be, my passion. Like many of you, I’m an artist. There is nothing more gratifying than sitting down with a blank canvas and hand-painting the next set of unique backgrounds.

But even more so, I get immense satisfaction watching the process evolve from conceptualizing a new background line to the final images you create with your photography. My job is to continue the tradition that has made Intuition Backgrounds one of the best background companies in the market. That tradition is heavily based on unique hand-painted designs vs copycats or an over-reliance on AI.

Like you and your art, we want our art to remain unique and quality-focused. If we do that, we help you elevate your art to be the best it can be.