About Us

Hi, I'm Becky

My husband, Greg, and I own and run IB.  We are a small business and work from home.. with a lot of heart and a lot of drive.  I have been handpainting backdrops since 2001, and opened IB in 2008.  I began our company as a single mom of two and it was a very slow start. I would add 10 people on facebook a day, and message them personally and I did that for one year. With a lot of hard work, faith and focus, Intuition Backgrounds became a stable little business. When you raise a business from a pup, you put all that you have into it.  It becomes your baby, and then you care about it with all of your heart. You care about the people that buy your things....you care about helping their studios grow and making sure that they get what they need and are hoping for. Its a blessing all the way. :)

As for my little family......We have 3 children who are beautiful inside and out. molly (15) , matthew (12) and little michael (3.5).  We live in a very small town, about an hour and a half south of st louis, on the illinois side- right on the mississippi river, which i love. With 2 kids that are into a lot of sports, we basically run every night. Its a busy little life, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!

SOoooo, here are 25 things that you might not know about me :) 


1. i am truley grateful for everything in my life...good and bad

2. i am a perfectionist when it comes to painting/creating.

3.  i had never painted, besides one class in art school..i was a drawer--"childrens book illustration" was my thing.

4. i am addicted...ADDICTED to the sky. it is ever changing and i am in complete awe of it, throughout each and every day. the colors are something that make me feel so full inside.

5. i read my "weather" book constantly. i know a lot of the cloud types..and im pretty proud of it. I actually wanted to be a meteorologist in college for a bit.

6. no matter how hard I try, I cannot keep my bedroom clean. I have piles of clothes everywhere.

7. i have moved a lot..born in wilmington, nc..then, delaware, virginia, northern ireland, tennessee, delaware again, niagara falls, delaware again, and now st louis. next? Colorado.  Niagara Falls was my favorite.

8. my parents lived in england twice and it was the best experience in the world for me. we got to go explore london, scotland, amsterdam, belguim, and paris. it was amazing! i really want to take my husband over there asap. 

9. i love traveling and watching people, architecture and colors. someday, i have to go to switzerland and austria...i want to climb that mountain at the end of "the sound of music"..my childhood dream. lol..... actually, i just want to go everywhere. 

10. i love watching birds fly...i really do envy them

11. I enjoy food and wine so much..... I wish I loved exercise the same.

12. I am obsessed with watching volleyball

13. road trips are the best. period. forever.

14. i believe very much in my dreams

15. i played soccer from 4th grade all the way until i was pregnant with molly (25)  i played sweeper...i loved it. if i can get in shape, SOMEday,  i want to play on the local adult league.

16. growing up I played soccer, softball, and I did a lot of skiing and cheerleading.

17. I love going to bed early and getting up early, before anyone else. Those hours of quiet with me and the computer and a good cup of coffee are priceless. that's when I search for inspiration.

18. i love trees a lot. i love to see their personality when the leaves fall off in autumn. they all have one..just like people. sycamores are my favorite- especially when the leaves fall and you can see them shine. pines... they are amazing too. so soft and musical.

19. i have a really hard time getting into books, infact, I don't like to read much at all... except for my weather book and dream analysis book.   

20. i used to want to draw for the grateful dead, when I was in college. lol

21. like any business owner, i'm addicted to it.  

22.  my parents helped me out big time when i started my own business....so did my mentors.. mary ann kressig and les brandt. I can never thank them enough for their support during that time. 

23.  I sincerely love people. all of the personalities and lives...we are all so different. its simply awesome.

24.  favorite shoes? converse all stars.

25. i love life. a lot. :)

ok...26....i am blessed each and every day with the people that i love and love me.  i am blessed with the sky above and the earth below...i am blessed with knowledge and life.  and all of you.

 life can be sweet if you invite to be.