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About Us

Hi, I'm Becky

My husband, Greg, and I own and run IB.  We are a small business with a lot of heart and a lot of drive.  I have been handpainting backdrops since 2001, and opened IB in 2008.  I began our company as a single mom of two and it was a very slow start. I would add 10 people on facebook a day, and message them personally and I did that for one year. With a lot of hard work, faith and focus, Intuition Backgrounds became a stable little business. When you raise a business from a pup, you put all that you have into it.  It becomes your baby, and then you care about it with all of your heart. You care about the people that buy your things....you care about helping their studios grow.

I strive to be a service to you all. To offer thoughtful designs, creative backdrops, and products that are the best quality, at an affordable price. I want you all to have everything that you might need, to make your beautiful work stand out. I hope that you find that with us. xo