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we're SO excited to finally make our rush fees available through the website! YAY!!
our current shipping times are:

poly, dreamweave, and canvas:: 1-2 weeks
fabric and mat floors:: 1-2 weeks 

as we aren't able to rush every order, and then some orders require a higher fee, just note that your rush cannot be fully secured until we're able to confirm all details.

no worries though, we will contact you as soon as we receive your order with more specifics regarding your individual request! :) 

here are some specifications regarding our rush fees :::

  • your rush fee pulls your order ahead so that it is printed and shipped quickly. if an upgrade in shipping is required, this will cover minor upgrades in cost.
  • if an upgrade in shipping is required that costs more than the $50 fee will cover, there will have to be an additional invoice to cover all shipping costs. we will let you know if so. ;)
  • if there is an upgrade in shipping on more than one package required (i.e. 1 mat floor and 1 poly backdrop with 2-day shipping each), there may be $50 fee required per package. we will let you know as quickly as possible if that's the case. :)
  • make a NOTE on your order with the date you need to receive your order by.
  • how quickly we can deliver an order will vary depending on the material(s) being ordered and the location we're shipping to.
  • busy season (typically fall/winter months) can also alter how quickly we are able to ship specific items out.
  • international rushes vary greatly in time and cost, so be aware that we cannot typically rush anything internationally quicker than 1-2 weeks.