Gaines Fully Decorated

how perfect is this for christmas!!! it would be great for families & pictures with santa!!!

if you are looking for a more simple version check out our Gaines or the Gaines With Greens :) 

if you are looking for a floor to go with this our froth in grey mat floor looks beautiful with this backdrop!

fireplace measurements::
60x44: 20 inches wide + 24 inches tall 
60x60: 25 inches wide + 24 inches tall
76x60: 25 inches wide + 32 inches tall
60x50: 20 inches wide + 26 inches tall
78x56: 27 inches wide + 34 inches tall
8x8: 40 inches wide + 54 inches tall
10x8: 40 inches wide + 50 inches tall
10x10: 50 inches wide + 63 inches tall