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Aspen Stump

The stumps are handmade individually by my good friend, Brad.

He takes great care in making these stumps. They have beautiful quality and detail. You will never regret buying one of these.

You can use it for photography or in your home!

The aspen is a warm ivory and charcoal. it has gorgeous detail in the knots, which are placed perfectly. No matter what angle, the stump looks beautiful.  Your clients will LOVE this stump...its just so pretty.

Most people get the 12" when photographing newborns. The 15" is a little high for most, unless you know you will be using it with older children.

*The stump is SUPER sturdy... I can easily stand on it. it will not break from being sat on.

*How much does it weigh? Right around 15lbs. It is hollow and very easy to transport and move around.

*The stain may very slightly differ from one stump to the next, but it will all look alike, for the most part.

The aspen stump was made to go with our aspen drop, but as you can see, you can use it in so many ways!


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