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Choosing the Perfect Holiday Backgrounds | Setup Made Easy with Amy Cannon Photography

October 01, 2020

When it comes to Holiday Sessions, I’m well aware that my simplicity isn’t for everyone. I’ve had clients choose not to book with me because they are specifically looking for a prop heavy session. To be honest, I’m perfectly ok with that. Maybe you’re reading this and discovering that you too would like to simplify your sessions. You’re ready to downsize the props and extra “stuff” and focus more on the subject. Perhaps the props serve as a crutch for you and the idea of doing a session with literally nothing but the subject terrifies you. Not too worry. Here are some examples of how I have taken 6 simple, elegant backdrops and created Holiday “art” that can be enjoyed all year round. Whether your clients celebrate Christmas, or Hanukah, or perhaps something else, offering a different type of Holiday Sessions is completely achievable, and gratifying.
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