November 21, 2014 1 Comment


AHHHH! I have been waiting SO long to share this website with you! I cant believe its finally here. Its not perfected just yet...but its here.

We had gotten to big for our britches, and needed something more user friendly and organized.  Now you can see flat shots of the backdrops, search by what color you need....check on your own orders and make your own accounts.  That way you can store your addresses and see your history. How exciting!! I am also making the Fabric drops FREE shipping 24/7.  YAY!! (I was really excited about that part!)

I have added a bunch of new backdrops, floors and props.  I am in love with them all! 


Thank you so much to all of you. Thank you for choosing my backdrops, and for making them look so beautiful with your work. There is nothing that I love more than to see what you do with them. I feel honored.

And a VERY special thank you to my friend Kathy Campbell, for making this all happen. oxoxxo love you!!


So, this is where to come if you want to know about new products, new inspiration, new colors, photographers and new loves. Cheers to a new chapter!


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December 01, 2014

Hi Becky,
Is there a discount on the little chairs and stools? I didn’t see a place to email you so I had to post to your Blog, sorry about that.
Please advise and thanks.

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